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        project schedule

        Returning the value of transaction data to merchants and promoting Biz-POS large-scale adoption in offline retail.

        • 03-18
          Bizkey Network Progress Report (2019.03.11-2019.03.18)

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        • 01-15
          Bizkey Network Progress Report (2019.01.07–2019.01.11)

          1.Bizkey co-founder & COO Scarlett was invited to “2019 Huoxing Summit – DAPP” hosted by Mars Finance (Huoxing). Scarlett said in the panel discussion: “dApp may not be able to boost the whole secondary market in the short term, but in the long run dApp can bring great value and prosperity to the secondary market.” 2. During Binance Blockchain Week, Bizkey will partner with Binance and Singapore public-listed company SK Jewellery to create a platform for seamless crypto payment experience in retail setting at Singapore’s most iconic mall Marina Bay Sands. 3. Bizkey reached strategic partnership with im Token. With the partnership, both parties will collaborate on products, tech and applications in retail settings. 4. Bizkey partnered with several stable coins, including TUSD, GGC, Maker DAO. With the partnerships, Bizkey will provide offline payment solutions.

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        • 01-06
          Bizkey Network Progress Report (2019.01.02–2019.01.06)

          1. Leo, the co-founder of Bizkey, was invited to everiToken Meeting – “Redefined Blockchain Business Ecology”. Bizkey shared with the audience how to use Tokenomics to empower individual businesses, so as to create offline digital currency payment portals. Leo joked: "2019! The most important thing is, of course, to be alive. And then, to live better." 2. Bizkey’s merchant partner MHG, an automobile retailer, has found the first crypto car buyer. This transaction appears to be the first car purchase paid in digital currency in Singapore! It can also be considered as a milestone in the ten years’ history of cryptocurrency. This transaction was featured by both media and crypto influencers. Furthermore, Bizkey became the first blockchain project featured by the Lianhe Zaobao on the first page. 3. Bizkey held a salon with the theme of "Enable Crypto Payment in Daily Life" in Hefei, Anhui! Experts from retail and cryptocurrency industry discussed how to use cryptocurrency to solve the problems of traditional fiat payment, so as to grasp the opportunities of crypto offline payment applications.

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        Speeding up blockchain adoption through retail.

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        Third party applications can easily integrate into our POS system.

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        The Bizkey ecosystem, growing through the smart blockchain POS