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Bizkey Network Progress Report (2018.12.03 – 2018.12.07)

Release time:2018.12.07 15:38



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Product technical progress


1. Optimized official invitation accounts: Implemented synchronization of invited users’ username, Implemented posting of news feed upon completion of mining

2. Implemented QR Code with mining function; Optimized images and discounts

3. Launched Bizbet


Completed development of centralized wallet

【Bizpay Wallet(HTML5 Digital Wallet)】

Added QR code payment function to Bizpay centralized wallet

【Bizkey Open Platform】

1. Completed platform for third-party

2. Completed backend for management

Operational Progress

1.     Bizkey reached a strategic partnership with Goldlinks to support digital currency GGC issued by Goldlinks as a terminal payment tool in daily consumption scenarios.

2.     Bizkey signed a strategic partnership with MHG Cars, a Singapore automobile retailer. With this partnership, Bizkey will provide offline payment solutions for MHG Cars. This cooperation will also make MHG the world’s first automobile retailer that supports digital currency payment through POS devices.

3.     Bizkey won the Best Creative Design Award in the Token Design Competition hosted by JRR Crypto. On 7th December, Bizkey Chief Data Officer Grant Baker presented Bizkey Tokenomics in the awarding ceremony.

Business Plan

1. Improved implementation of API Integration SOP and cross-department collaboration

2. Continuously increased new merchant coverage

3. Promoted new year promotion

Community Development

There is a steady rise in the number of new users. The community statistics are as follows:

WeChat followers: 7456

Telegram members (ENG): 4500

Telegram members (KOR): 30000+

Facebook followers: 1600

Twitter followers: 2600