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Bizkey Network Progress Report (2018.12.17–2018.12.21)

Release time:2018.12.21 18:11



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Product Technical Progress


Completed the optimization of Biztalk features; Optimised mining experience of unlogin users


Updated the merchant-end QR Code and the payment interface of the centralised wallet Bizpay


Operational Progress

1. PoS consensus creator Sunny King invests in Bizkey.

2. Bizkey will soon launch the beta version of new website. The new site will support English, Chinese and Korean.

3. Bizkey, partnering with Goldlinks, is planning the First Asian Gold-based Digital Currency Offline Payment Carnival, which is expected to be launched early next year.

4. Bizkey is invited to attend the welcome party of tokenomics business alliance, co-hosted by Bi Shi Jie, Bumo and QF Capital.


Business Plan

1. Improved implementation of API Integration SOP and cross-department collaboration

2. Continuously increased new merchant coverage

3. Continued preparation for New Year Promotion


Community Development

There is a steady rise in the number of new users. The community statistics are as follows:

WeChat followers: 7550

Telegram members (ENG): 4500+

Telegram members (KOR): 30000+

Kakao members (KOR): 2000+

Facebook followers: 6373

Twitter followers: 2236