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Bizkey Network Progress Report (2019.02.18-2019.02.24)

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Bizkey Network Progress Report 

(2019.2.18 – 2019.2.24


Product Technical Progress

Optimized Biztalk & Bizpay

1.Optimized referral system

2.Implemented BZKYC reload function

3.Implemented cashback function 


Optimized API of Payment Platform

1.Optimizing payment interface (40% Completed)

2.Developing the backstage of payment management platform (30% Completed)


OTCPlatform Development

1.Developing backstage (20% Completed)


Operational Progress

Team management

Set 2019 goals and directions for Singapore market; Coordinated with China team


Compliance and Standardization

1.Completed the outline of digital payment compliance report. This report, led byBizkey and contributed by other top blockchain projects, consulting companiesand government agencies, aims to research and provide suggestions on complianceregulations for digital payment deployment. 

2.Our official exchange partner, DigiFinex needs to upgrade user account systemto improve security of fund and user information, and Bizkey team will need toaccommodate the updates to better serve investors. As such, the withdrawal,deposit and trading of BZKY on DigiFinex will be suspended to smoothen theprocess. 

3.Bizkey discussed with Sentinel Protocol on the cooperation aroundanti-terrorism, anti-theft and KYC; Sentinel Protocol was also invited tocontribute to the digital payment compliance report.

4.Bizkey submitted application for Tribe Accelerator, a blockchain acceleratorprogramme backed by Singapore government agency. 


PR & Marketing

1.Adjusted team structure and discussed the new year marketing plan

2.All marketing channels, including Facebook, Twitter, Sina Weibo, WeChat, havebegun operation according to the marketing plan. The Lantern Festival post onTwitter received many likes and shares. 

3.Meeting with Maker Dai and MXM to discuss the collaboration plans.

4.Bizkey was awarded “Blockchain Innovation Award” by the Hong Kong BlockchainAssociation on February 21. 

5.Bizkey COO Scarlett Zhang was invited to share Bizkey project at Hong KongBlockchain Association Spring Summit. Scarlett also spoke in the paneldiscussion, together with Zhou Guohua, chairman of Hong Kong BlockchainAssociation and several representatives from Shanghai Blockchain IndustrialPark. They discussed how to actively respond to new regulations and changes ofblockchain industry. 


Business Plan


1. Provided localizationsuggestions for Biztalk; Researched on compliance regulations.

2. Started planning“crypto travel campaign” in Singapore. Looking for high-end merchants andcrypto partners. Considering commercial deployment through third-party paymentchannels.


1. Collecting informationof potential city nodes.

2. 1 intentional codeadded this week (1 in total this month).

3. Communicated with 5potential nodes and followed up 2 potential nodes this week.


Community Development

WeChat users: 8320

Telegram members(EN): 3700+;

Telegrammembers (KOR): 24000+

KakaoUsers (KOR):  1800+

Facebook followers: 11000+

Twitter followers: 1000+