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Bizkey Network Progress Report (2019.02.25-2019.02.03)

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Bizkey Network Progress Report 

(2019.2.25 – 2019.3.3)


Product Technical Progress

Payment Platform API

1. Optimised payment API 90%

2. Developing payment management backstage 30%

3. Integrated with fiat payment platform 100%


OTC Platform

1. Backstage development 70%

2. Front-end development 100%


Optimised Biztalk & Bizpay

1. Optimised referral system

2. Optimised sign-up process; Optimised notification


Marketing Progress


1. On February 26th, due to DigiFinex API upgrading requirement, the withdrawal, deposit and trading of BZKY on DigiFinex will be suspended until 18th – 25th March. In order to protect the interests of investors, Bizkey will give an airdrop and will perform a token buyback at price when the trading is suspended.

2. On February 28th, Bizkey token (BZKY) was listed on LBank. BZKY/ETH trading pair was opened. 

3. On March 1st, Bizkey Chief Data Officer Grant Baker was invited by Gemalto, one of the world's largest data security firms, to a VIP luncheon to discuss data encryption and scalable security solutions.


Social Media

Twitter: 10 tweets/retweets, 6 new followers

Facebook: 6 posts

LinkedIn: 4 posts

Weibo: 9 posts/reposts, 5 new followers

WeChat: 5 articles, 28 new followers


Commercial Deployment

Strategic Partnership

On March 1st, Bizkey and Sentinel Protocol signed a MOU tobuild a scam-proof wallet.  


Business Cooperation

1. Communicated with Yukk on their requirements

2. Transferred Koipy merchants


Node Expansion

1. Collecting information of potential city nodes

2. 1 intentional code added this week

3. Communicated with 4 potential nodes and followed up 2 potential nodes this week.

Community Development

WeChat users: 8350

Telegram members(EN): 3700+;

Telegram members (KOR): 24900+

Kakao Users (KOR):  1100+

Facebook followers: 11300+

Twitter followers: 1000+