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Bizkey Network Progress Report (2019.03.25-2019.04.01)

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Bizkey Network Progress Report 


Product Technical Progress

[Payment Platform]

1. Optimized payment API

2. Optimized process for users to choose specific currencies

3. Integrated with fiat payment platform

[OTC platform]

1. Launched OTC platform

2. Optimized reload function

[DD wallet]

1. Launched an independant version

Marketing Progress


1. On March 26th, Scarlett, Co-Founder and COO of Bizkey, was invited by Pied Piper Community initiated by Mr. Gvn, a Silicon Valley blockchain expert, to discuss and share Bizkey's community expansion. 

2. Due to its rapid development in the past year, Bizkey, as the blockchain industry's leading digital currency payment platform, won the “2018 Outstanding Blockchain Project Award” issued by Mars Finance on March 28. Scarlett Zhang, Co-Founder and COO of Bizkey, attended the ceremony and received the award. Meanwhile, as one of the 2018 blockchain outstanding contributors, Scarlett was invited by Wang Feng, founder of Mars Finance, to a family dinner for further communication.

3. On March 28th, Bizkey had a meeting with the organizers of Block Live Asia to discuss the future collaboration plan. Block Live Asia is not only a leading blockchain conference in Asia but also an one-stop blockchain festival, which allows the general public to know the latest blockchain industry development and experience cryptocurrency. 

4. On March 29th, Grant Baker, Bizkey’s Chief Data Officer and Chief Compliance Officer, devoted a special column to an industry report on anti-money laundering, user protection, interoperability and technology risks involved in blockchain payment services. Bizkey is seeking contributions from industry leaders to highlight best practices, explore new tools and technologies, and establish thought leadership. 

[Social Media Operations]

Twitter: 9 tweets, 5 new followers

Facebook: 5 posts, 4 new followers

LinkedIn: 5 posts

Weibo: 5 posts

WeChat Public Account: 3 updates, 10 new followers

Business Development

[Node Expansion]

1. Collected node information in potential cities

2. 1 newly-added intention this week

3. Communicated 3 potential nodes this week, and followed up 3 potential nodes

Community Development

WeChat Users: 8385

Telegram Members (EN): 3700+

Telegram Members (KOR): 19000+

Kakao Users (KOR): 1100+