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Bizkey Network Progress Report (2019.04.01-2019.04.08)

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Bizkey Network Progress Report 

(2019.4.1 – 2019.4.8)

Product Technical Progress

【Payment Platform】

1. Completed the withdraw funtion

3. Integration with fiat payment platform 

【OTC Platform】

1. Completed the function of choosing token

2. Optimised OTC

【DD Wallet】

Completed development

Marketing Progress


1. With money laundering/terror financing, interoperability, user protections, and technology risks in mind, Bizkey is seeking contributions from industry leaders to highlight best practices, explore new tools and technologies, and establish thought leadership. Following a breakdown of the Payment Services Act, the research paper will feature compliance guides for each regulated activity followed by essays written by contributors. Each essay will be self-contained but ordered in a manner fitting the flow of the research paper. Last week, Bizkey has confirmed the first batch of contributors and welcomed more industry experts to join. 

2. Bizkey signed a MOU with W.B. Fleming to commence strategic business partnership in order to enhance mutual benefits by collaborating based on mutual respect and trust. W.B. Fleming is a private equity advisory firm with a focus on technology : FinTech, RegTech, Blockchain/ DLT, Artificial Intelligence and other Emerging Technology. 

【Social Media】

Twitter: 10 tweets, 31 new followers

Facebook: 3 posts

LinkedIn: 2 posts

Weibo: 9 posts

WeChat:4 articles, 3 new followers

Commercial Deployment

【Node Expansion】

1. Collecting information of potential city nodes

2. 1 intentional code added this week

3. Communicated with 3 potential nodes and followed up 3 potential nodes this week

Community Development

WeChat users: 8405

Telegram members(EN): 3600+;

Telegram members (KOR): 19000+

Kakao Users (KOR):  1100+

Facebook followers: 11300+

Twitter followers: 1000+