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Bizkey Network Progress Report (2019.04.08-2019.04.15)

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Bizkey Network Progress Report 


Product Technical Progress

[Payment Platform]

1. Developing cryptocurrency withdraw API & merchant backend

2. Optimized process for users to choose specific currencies

3. Integrated with fiat payment platform

4. Integrated with 2 cryptocurrency payment platforms

[OTC platform]

1. Implemented the function of auto selecting service provider

[HTML5 Wallet]

1. Implemented an interface layer for future deployment 

2. Optimised front end of wallet

Marketing Progress


1. On April 11th and 12th, Bizkey was invited to 2019 Chain Plus Asia Pacific Blockchain New Finance Summit, co-hosted by The Blockchainer, Singapore FinTech Association (SFA ) , DeepChain, Token Economy Association and FinTech Association of Sri Lanka. Bizkey discussed with several experts on topics like blockchain and RegTech, blockchain payment security. 

2. Last week, Bizkey confirmed that Dr Sai Fan Pei will be one of the contributors to blockchain compliance industry report. Dr Pei is currently an adjunct Professor at NUS. Dr Pei worked as Director of Banking Supervision Department at MAS and Director of MAS Academy. Bizkey welcomed more industry experts to collaborate on the research paper. 

Business Development

[Node Expansion]

1. Collected node information in potential cities

2. 1 newly-added intention this week

3. Communicated 4 potential nodes this week, and followed up 3 potential nodes

Community Development

WeChat Users: 8400

Telegram Members (EN): 3600+

Telegram Members (KOR): 19000+

Kakao Users (KOR): 1100+

Facebook Followers:11300+

Twitter Followers:700+