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Bizkey Network Progress Report (2019.05.13-2019.05.27)

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Bizkey Network Progress Report 

 (2019.5.13 – 2019.5.27)

Product Technical Progress

Payment Platform

  1. 1. Backend development for OTC process

  2. 2. OTC front end optimization

  3. 3. Testing and integration with digital exchanges

HTML5 Wallet Optimization

1. Specifying requirement for integration of KYC & Compliance solution

2. Improving security of wallet API

Marketing Progress

Marketing Cooperation

Cooperation with external KOL achieved

Market News

1. Bizkey is expanding, offering a wide range of consultancy services relating to Southeast Asian expansion under the new Bizkey+ brand. Bizkey+ will offer a suite of turnkey solutions backed by in-house and network expertise to help businesses gain traction in new markets to reach next-stage growth results.

2. Bizkey's compliance paper is nearly finished, with a legal team reviewing the content for accuracy. Essays from contributing authors are coming in, and we can't wait to release them. As more regulations are released, additional sections will be added to keep the paper up to date.

Business Development

Node Expansion

1. Node information of potential cities collected.

2. 1 newly added intention this week

3. Communicating 2 potential nodes this week, and 5 potential nodes have been followed up.


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