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How to Pay with Crypto at Restaurants and Shops in Singapore during Token Day?

Release time:2018.11.08 17:53



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To start your crypto payment journey, the first step is to locate our token day participating merchants, which are mostly concentrated in the Chinatown area, along Chinatown Food St, Mosque St, Pagoda St, Temple St or Smith St etc. You will be able to see either a banner or a sticky as follows at our participating merchants.

To pay at the merchant, you will need to have a digital wallet that supports ERC20 based tokens installed, such as imToken or Kcash. Our participating merchants accept a total of 12 tokens, ten of which are voted by the community users, i.e. ZIL, NPXS, BNB, ELF, ZRX, MKR, AE, BAT, TUSD, OMG. The other two tokens are ETH and BZKY, the token from the token day organiser.

18081545213238_.pic_hd.jpgIf you do not have any of the above-mentioned tokens, you need to purchase the tokens from their respective exchanges and transferred the tokens to your wallet first.
After all these is set, the rest is simple. When you finished your meal or shopping, just let the cashier know that you would like to pay with crypto. Inform them the type of crypto currency you would like to pay your bill with.
The merchant will key in the fiat amount in the POS terminal and the corresponding crypto amount will be shown on the screen of the terminal as well. Take the screen below for example, the cashier has selected ETH as the payment token and keyed in SGD$1 for the payment amount. The screen will be presented to you, and it shows that for S$1, the corresponding amount of ETH to be transferred is 0.00364.


You will open your wallet, choose the right token type and scan the QR code. You need to manually key in the token amount to pay and the password to confirm the payment. Exact experience may vary between different digital wallets. For a smooth experience, you are encouraged to use the recommended gas fee as suggested by your wallet.
The cashier will soon get a payment confirmation, which usually takes about 10–20 seconds, and they will print a copy of the receipt for you.


And congratulations, you have successfully completed the payment at one of our participating merchants.
Win Prizes — From 31 Oct to 18 Nov 2018, you could stand a chance to win prizes when you pay by crypto at any of the participating merchants.
Grand Prize: One iPhone Xs and 28,888 BZKY tokens. Any consumer who successfully completes a crypto payment transaction stand a chance to win in this big lucky draw.
Prize A: Leave a message on our FB post. We will select one lucky winner at random every two days for a free meal or shopping offer (up to S$100).
Prize B: The highest spender for each of the 12 tokens accepted for token day in a single receipt wins a limited edition cold wallet sponsored by Bimoney, one of the most secure wallets available in the market, to safeguard your digital assets.

(Bimoney hardware wallet)

For more information, please follow us on Facebook for the announcements of the lucky winners.