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Team Structure:


Team background in major related industries

Bizkey is a digital currency payment and data analysis project for offline retailers. The major team members all have relevant market or technical backgrounds.

1) From 2010 to 2013, CEO Ken worked for the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore and set up a project committee and funds to promote the use of mobile cashless payments in the retail industry.

2) From 2014 to present, Lei Yong, the CEO of Koalac and project consultant of Bizkey, has abundant practical experience in the retail industry and serves more than 400 thousand merchants in China.

3) Lynne, head of overseas business, is a former COO and co-founder of the O2O platform, similar to the Singapore-style Dianping.

4) Qiao, head of Continental Business, is the former COO, of star apps such as "Rice Ben" and "ENJOY", which owns a large number of domestic high-end catering industry resources and European high-quality commodity suppliers.

5) Team Technical Director PJ is a former Tencent WeChat Pay product manager with rich product design capability and payment industry experience.

6) Grant Baker, the team's Chief Data Officer, designed the architecture for the data sharing ecosystem of Bizkey. He designed the token utility and database rules for ensuring data privacy. Prior to joining Bizkey, Grant received a master’s degree in Financial Engineering from the National University of Singapore. Grant has held multiple positions in insurance and commodities brokerages, as well as search engine optimization, across Singapore, Hong Kong and Austin.

Consultant Team
1) Technical Consultants

Jiang Hai, founder of Bubi Technology, holds a doctorate from the Chinese Academy of Sciences. He has nearly 10 years of experience in scientific research and product development in the field of network and internet communications, and has experience in distributed computing networks, network content security, electronic currency, and P2P payment networks.

Guo Qiang, co-founder of BUMO, started to study blockchain technology in 2014, bringing rich investment management experience in innovative businesses. He is also a Tsinghua University I- Center tutor, a China cloud computing standardization committee member, and a Zhongguancun intelligent hardware industry alliance director.

Zhou Zhengjun (Jeff Zhou) is the founder and CEO of TrustNote. Zhou Zhengjun is the blockchain software and chip research development expert and has developed the world's first bitcoin/lite- coin double-miner, supplying roughly 80% of the computing power in the global lite-coin mining machine market. He was also the former director of microelectronics technology at China's first NASDAQ-listed chip company and was responsible for core software and algorithms.

Zheng Guangyuan is an associate Professor of Engineering at the National University of Singapore, a Ph. D. scientist from the Science and Technology Research Institute at Stanford University, holds a Bachelor’s degree from Cambridge University, was named Massachusetts Institute of Technology under 35 Innovator of the year 2018, and was shortlisted for the 2014 World Technology Award.

John Luo, Senior Software Developer, Amazon 2) Marketing Consultants

Lei Yon, the founder and CEO of Mr. Koala, holds a Masters from the Science and Technology University of National Defense, was an orbit engineer of Shenzhou I spacecraft. Mr. Koala is a well- known retail SaaS platform in China and won the title of "China's Best Innovation Company Top 50" in 2017 awarded by American famous business media Fast Company .

Zhao Yangxian (Andy) is the founder of Hemo Technology and was MBA President Class member of Tsinghua University. The annual turnover of the company's SaaS platform for human resources services "loving employee" is over ten billion. In 2004, he founded the industry-renowned high- end headhunting consulting firm Hong Kong People-based Management Agency.

Weng Shaobin is the managing Director of the 4th Quarter of Illuma, has a Master of Business Administration from Tsinghua University, and serves as deputy secretary general of the Guangdong Provincial Association for the Promotion of Internet Financial Development. He was a research fellow and product manager of Bell Labs in USA.

Wang Zi Yang, CEO, Blockfolks, a leading blockchain advisory firm in Southeast Asia

Industry Consultants

Jin Xiang is the former technical director of IGE (Greater China), the world's largest virtual currency trader. He is also a continuous entrepreneur, successfully establishing several websites and Internet products with daily active users in the tens of millions and set up a quantitative trading trust fund. He also has rich experience and profound understanding on the integration of Internet, big data, artificial intelligence, and finance.

Patricia is the chairman of the New Age Foundation, serves as deputy secretary general of the United Nations Club of Future leaders in China, and chairman of Neex.co, the first licensed exchange in Southeast Asia.

Rui Xiong is the founder of Holly Capital, partner of BHP cash, a student in the phase one of Innovation college at Hundun University, loves philosophy, and has a master's degree in law.

Investment Strategy Consultants

Zeng Zheng is the co-founder of Illuma Capital, hold an IMBA degree from the School of Economics and Management at Tsinghua University, and holds more than 20 years of financial investment and industrial operations management experience. He also has experience in management consulting, bank credit, corporate investment and financing, corporate restructuring and consulting, mergers and acquisitions, stock listings, and equity investments.

Gu Kai is the co-founder of Illuma Capital, laying out the blockchain direction and pushed the "block chain+" direction of investment very early in the blockchain industry. Two main blockchain enterprises he invested in, Bubi blockchain and Babbitt community, are industry leaders.

Ren Feng is the founder and investor of many listed companies in China, is the founder and CTO of CorePlayer, partner and SVP of Music Element, Senior Product Director of 360, YAHOO (China) Project Manager & Senior engineer, General Manager of 360 Router.

Joel Ng, Blockchain Venture Partner, Yozma Group