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Token Rewards

Release time:2018.12.25 17:36



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Bizkey will anonymize, aggregate and monetize the flow of transactions, converting this value into token rewards for merchants and consumers alike to further grow the ecosystem.


Supporting legal tender transaction which functions as the mining mechanism. At the present stage when digital currency is not widely held or accepted, retail transaction data be sanitized to add value to brick and mortar retailers, with the merchant base expanding through the incentive of obtaining data insights with the BZKY token. Compared with the centralized payment platforms such as WeChat, Bizkey is agnostic on the legal tender earnings of the merchants and returns the value of the data assets to the merchants, incentivizing the addition of more merchants to the Bizkey ecosystem.

To reduce costs and increase efficiency. The BZKY token will be used to reduce the payment cost of using the Bizkey payment system. In addition, various retail services can be paid or discounted through the use of the BZKY token within the ecosystem. Bizkey’s consumer side token, the TIME token, will function as a common loyalty rewards point given to consumers when patronizing merchants in the Bizkey ecosystem. Merchants can offer rewards, perks, and discounts in exchange for TIME tokens to promote consumer cross traffic and reduce the cost of obtaining customers. This system of blockchain rewards will continuously acclimate merchants and consumers to the use of blockchain in everyday life.