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Easy-integration Infrastructure

Release time:2018.12.25 17:37



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The entire Bizkey platform architecture is divided into three levels:


[Contract Layer] is the lowest level. Intelligent contracts and intelligent books are designed to provide docking capabilities for various public relations. At present, it supports the docking of BUMO and ETF public chains and wallets, and will gradually dock EOS and other public chains.

[Interface Layer] Provides docking capabilities for all mobile payment platforms based on French currency and retail SaaS platforms for the middle layer of open platform. At present, 80% of the main interfaces have been developed and tested, and the third platform and application have been opened for invocation. At present, more than 10 third-party platforms are docking. As the number of docking platforms increases, the number of businesses and transactions in the Bizkey ecosystem will also increase exponentially. (See the Bizkey node API for accessing documents. )

[Application Layer] Provides application development, auditing, and publishing for Bizkey ecological contributors. We welcome any developer willing to empower the physical retail industry to develop applications based on the Bizkey interface layer. Or use Bizkey interface and token incentive to optimize the original application.