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Customers can now buy jewelry with cryptocurrency in Singapore.

Release time:2019.01.11 18:21



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Customers can now buy jewelry with cryptocurrency in Singapore.

Bizkey’s cryptocurrency payment device showcased in SK Jewelry's new branch in Singapore.

Sooke Kee Jewelry Group, the largest publicly listed jewelry company in Singapore, announced its implementation of the Bizkey system. SK Jewellery, the largest jewelry chain in Singapore under Sooke Kee, launched a ‘Token Day’ promotion, accepting cryptocurrency payment for the first time. During the event, customers can buy jewelry using a variety of cryptocurrencies through Bizkey's smart blockchain POS device, enjoying various discounts for helping test the new system. For SK Jewellery, Token Day represents an opportunity to reach out to different customers, including cryptocurrency holders, in an effort to promote their business and customer volume during the event.

The Token Day campaign marks the beginning of a close partnership between SK Jewellery and Bizkey. SK indicated interest in full rollout of Bizkey’s cryptocurrency payment solution to additional SK stores in the future, hoping to boost sales and customer visits during Chinese New Year.