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Bizkey Network Progress Report (2019.04.29-2019.05.05)

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Bizkey Network Progress Report 

 (2019.4.29 – 2019.5.5)

Product Technical Progress

【Payment Platform】

  1. 1. Backend development for OTC process

  2. 2. OTC front end optimization

  3. 3. SunnyPay withdrawal optimization

  4. 4. Testing and integration with digital exchanges

HTML5 Wallet Optimization

1.  Developed Android mobile client application

2. Communication with KYC solution provider

Marketing Progress

Marketing Cooperation

Cooperation with external KOL achieved

Market News

1. Continued laying groundwork for Bizkey EMEA. Bizkey is committed to building a strong business foundation in the EMEA region by creating partnerships with regulated financial institutions and retail chains.

2. The blockchain compliance paper led by Bizkey continues to progress and is gaining attention. This week Bizkey received valuable controbutions from many professionals in the compliance and blockchain space.

Business Development

Node Expansion

1.  Node information of potential cities collected.

2. 1 newly added intention this week

3. Communicating 2 potential nodes this week, and 5 potential nodes have been followed up.


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Telegram members(EN): 1800+

Telegram members (KOR): 17000+

Kakao Users (KOR):  800+

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Twitter followers: 660+