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Bizkey, paving the path for crypto payment at Money2020

Release time:2019.03.25 18:14



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Bizkey successfully wrapped up the Money20/20 conference which was held from March 19–21st in Singapore, opening opportunities for collaborations with prominent figures in the blockchain industry.


Money2020 is the world’s largest payment and financial conference, bridging the gap between innovations and traditional industry leaders around the world. The conference gathered nearly 1,400 companies and institutions in the Asia-Pacific region including Google, Standard Chartered Bank, MasterCard, IBM, PayPal and Tencent. Various panel discussions were set up to discuss the application of blockchain technology in the field of payment and the future development of digital money.

IBM announced at the conference that it would invest in blockchain-based payment networks and create a network of financial institutions that support a wide range of digital assets in the hope of stimulating faster real time global payment systems.


Bizkey as an industry-leading digital money payment platform attracted much attention from the invited guests. Bizkey’s innovative “top up” card solution to onboarding new users was very well received by blockchain and payments industry experts on site.

The “Lucky Draw” for the crypto gift cards fueled much excitement on the site.

Many crypto enthusiasts as were excited about the idea of travelling in cryptocurrency. Bizkey will pave the way in enabling better travel experience through cryptocurrency!

A number of industry leaders including BlockShow CEO Addy Crezee and Money 20/20 who also showed support for the event through social media engagements.


The participants were all given 15SGD worth of crypto gift cards that could be spent at our partnered bar WAN located at Suntec City.


The 20 winners for the lucky draw headed off to a yacht party where they could drink and party with the cryptocurrency in the gift cards.


Blockchain media Top Business Group interviewed Kim Mikyeong, head of the global community in Bizkey, where she demonstrated bizkey’s crypto payment system.


During the conference, Bizkey also engaged conversations with representatives of leading companies in the blockchain industry such as IBM, Ripple and CoinTelegraph to discuss the future of digital payments and collaboration opportunities


Figure 1: Bizkey CEO Huang Liang and Salamantex CEO Rene Pomassl

Figure 2: Bizkey CEO Huang Liang and Ripple, head of payment operations Matthew Castricone

Figure 3: Bizkey CEO Huang Liang and IBM blockchain business strategy and operations director Bob Severino